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This page is a wiki article wishlist (it is not a to-do list for YubNub features). Feel free to add new article ideas to this list.

Have some free time? Have some knowledge? Pick a topic on this list and write an article!

Wiki Article Wishlist

  • The Yubnub Wikibook has a lot of information that could be made into various articles.

I think that the Wikibook of YubNub Commands has a different focus, see discussion.

-- Paul Boren

  • Advanced Syntax - The official page [1] has some info that could probably be updated or expanded into separate articles.
  • Some of the more experimental/advanced commands could probably benefit from some expanded instructions and examples.
  • Create articles describing groups of commands. For example: An article on Logic in Commands could describe how to use commands such as ifThen and eop.
  • I'm new to java and javascript but I would love to make some Yubnub commands. Would it be possible to have an article with the basics of making commands? For example, let's say I would have wanted to make a command with multiple parameters like gloc. gloc command is this "${what}&near=${where}&btnG=Google+Search&rl=1". I would have loved to make a command like this but I have a couple of issues. 1. How do I get the url in that form? 2. How do I know what parameters correspond to what? Again, I'm really new on this so this may be trivial for most of yubnub users. Still, I think that it would be useful in order to expand yubnub to other communities with little knowledge about javascript - V

Read the page on syntax and ask the Community for any help you might need.

-- Paul Boren

Wishes Granted

  • The official site details installing yubnub into various browsers and operating systems [2], but maybe the wiki could have an article (or articles) on Browser Integration and OS Integration.
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