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YubNub aliases was an unofficial web service that once offered some personalization for YubNub, a (social) command line for the Web.



  • Personal shortcuts could be created for most websites and services. Memos could also be left using when shortcuts were not assigned a valid.
  • Command aliases could be used to override actual YubNub commands or to customize commands to one's own preferences.

Personal Shortcuts

Personal commands were powered by a third-party extension of YubNub called YubNub aliases. These were set via the !set command and are proprietary to the creator. Personal commands also included the ability to set memos or lists securely. You can view all of your personal commands via the !ls command. The main commands you needed to know before being able to use personal commands:

  • To set: !set [command name] [url]
  • To use: ! [command name] [required and/or optional parameters]

View the YubNub aliases man page[1] for a detailed description of how it was used.

Command Aliases

Command aliases were "shortcuts" for commands in which you would normally have to type similar parameters for each use, or were unusually long in name. Command aliases are similar to personal commands in that they can only be accessed by the person that set them. Command aliases are typically set with the !seta command, though could also be set via the !create command. The following are examples of how to use command aliases:

  • !seta w weather [your zip code] (After setting "w" here, you can see your weather forecast without typing your zip code each time.)
  • !seta l gloc -what !s -where [city, state] (After setting "l" here, you can perform a Google local search without typing your area each time.)


YubNub aliases was set up by Jacob Ensor using ColdFusion. From February 2006 through October 2008 the web service experienced several months of downtime and is currently in unavailable. Yahoo! Search offers a similar feature called Open Shortcuts that has been available since December of 2005. As of May 2009, many of the YubNub commands that triggered aliases were updated to use Yahoo! Open Shortcuts.

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