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Beyond the Location Bar

Most web browsers have an Address or Location Bar. This command-line interface is good for typing an occasional URI to visit a site's homepage. Some browsers also support special searches and keywords. Integrating YubNub into a browser enhances the features of the Location Bar and saves you the step of going to just to use the web interface. Some of the more popular browsers use `Ctrl-l' as the keyboard shortcut to focus on the Location Bar and you can use it to tap into the power of YubNub.

The Feature that's also a Bug

One drawback to the Location Bar is that it has two functions. Consequently tossing YubNub commands into the mix of URI's and keyword searches the browser often produces garbage out. This still may be a little more functional than resorting to bookmarks, but it's quite annoying.

Firefox Location Bar Integration

There is a Firefox extension available that integrates YubNub functionality into the Location Bar, while still supporting (and even enhancing!) keyword bookmarks. Any YubNub command should work with it, and it does not break browser history. There is a separate command history.

see Firefox_Add-ons

Search Bar

Another solution is to use a Search Bar. Search Bars are configured to query a one search engine at a time. Incidently YubNub's default search engine is Google. So if there's any garbage-in by way of mistyped commands it will be collected by Google when the Search Bar is configured for YubNub. For Mozilla Firefox `Ctrl-k' becomes your keyboard shortcut to access YubNub.

Browsers known to support YubNub

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Camino
  • Maxthon
  • Konqueror

Other Browser Extensions

Search Bars originated from proprietary search toolbars. As the toolbar name implies, these browser add-on's come bundled with other company bells and whistles. Recently toolbars have been produced by every major search engine for just about every major web browser. These plug-in's can also be used to access YubNub. For example, those using the Google Toolbar on MS Windows(TM) could type `Alt-g' and access YubNub.

Toolbars that can support YubNub

  • Google
  • Yahoo

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